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T Reddi Lakshmi

T Reddi Lakshmi is one of the talented Kuchipudi performers of the present generation. An analyst by profession, she is a post graduate in Business Administration. Her passion for Kuchipudi was encouraged when she moved to Delhi from Andhra Pradesh. She is learning Kuchipudi from last 15 years under the eminent Gurus Padmasri Jayarama Rao and Vanashree Rao
She has performed in prestigious events in India and abroad. In 2010 she performed in Malaysia on the occasion of the Inauguration of the Indian cultural Centre under ICCR along with her gurus. Later she performed for the common wealth games events organized in Delhi by Sangeet Nataka Academy, Sahitya Kala Parishad –Delhi Govt.

As an active member of the Kuchipudi dance group, she has performed just recently in the Year of India in Canada 2011 and gave 10 performances all over Canada. As a soloist she has also performed in Classical Dance festival organized by ICCR 2011- Horizon series, International festival of Classical dances organized by Jayantika and was awarded the title of Nritya Jayantika at Bahai Temple and also Tamil Sangam, Ayyappa Temple, Shankar matam, Andhra school, Trade fair festival, I.I.T international conference, SAARC conference, International Lawyers conference, IHC, Chinmaya Mission, Nadaneerajanam, Delhi Hatt, Central park-CWG celebration and many more.

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